Ok listen up, it’s story time.

Once and for all I am going to reveal the story behind the man the myth the legend Adam Horwitz.

This is story of a teenager who made a million dollars by 17, went on to help hundreds of thousands of people, and altogether lives life full, rich, and as one should. 

Travel the world. Luxury house. Bbygirls. Adam has lived the dream. 

Disclaimer, Adam is mysterious with his work in part because he’s very humble and doesn’t like talking about himself.

So here’s the secret life of Adam revealed.

Buckle up and listen!


When Adam was 15 he started experimenting selling courses online. He was selling courses on this course marketplace called Clickbank. Like amazon basically, but for online courses.

He got really good at it. Really fast.

He caught the trend early, and believe it or not by 17 He made his first million dollars online…

He was invited to the white house and honored as a top 100 young entrepreneurs.

He bought himself his dream car.

And his Dad even quit his job to start working with him.

At 23, Clickbank the company responsible for billions in course sales, reached out to Adam and asked to partner with him!

And from 23-27 Adam launched and ran Clickbank University where He helped over a hundred thousand people launch online courses while also selling tens of millions of dollars online.


Adam lived in a fat crib in the Hollywood hills. European summers. Yacht parties. Helicopters. The most exclusive parties around the world. AND he paid for all his friends to come along with him. He lived the most epic life one could on planet earth.

But after 13 years in the online course world as Adam told me he just started getting really burnt out, and decided to take a break.

For the past fee years Adam just decided to start traveling and having fun making videos. 


About 2 months ago, Adam got the itch again to get back into helping people – but this time he wanted to do it more personally… 

So that’s where i enter the picture. Adam posted on his IG story about a mentoring opportunity and I jumped on it. Adam is not cheap. I paid Adam a big bag of cash to help me with Maxi and my mentorship program for 1 month.

Working with Adam I added an extra $60,000 income to Maxi within the first 2 months. 


I’ve spent over $250,000 on coaches and courses, and I have NEVER worked with someone who knows how to sell courses like Adam.

He’s like the Tiger Woods, the lebron james, the  of courses. 

I ask him a question and he knows the answer from every angle. 

To be blunt, most people who teach “how to make money selling courses” are complete dorks!!! 

Boring! They teach like a boring science class!

And this actually makes it really hard to get excited about learning.

About 5 years ago in 2018 I bought my first course for $2,000 to learn how to launch my course. 

It was so boring it took me 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars in other mentoring programs to finally even launch my offer and start making money.

Now I make $30-70k a month from my courses but it took so much pain and hassle to get here.



I feel like if I had Adam teaching me 5 years ago, I’d be making $200-300k a month now. And I wouldn’t have had to go through so much pain.

Now having had this experience and befriending Adam, I told him I had an idea.
Let’s make course building fun, cool and easy.

Let’s show people how to make tens of thousands of dollars doing what they love.

Let’s get people to quit their shitty jobs they hate, and actually make money helping people.

Let’s get people making money from their laptop in Bali.

Let’s hold their hand and show them the way, so people can finally LIVE. 

Let’s liven up the course world, and really make a dent in the universe.


And guess what?

Adam agreed. And I’m excited to announce that we are now partnering up to bring you CourseBldr.

“How to make money around a passion, doing what you love, so you can help people and travel the world…. Without boring dorky shit!”

If you want to join coursebldr, DM ME “I’m in!” to apply. We’re being super selective because we want to make sure you succeed. You will get a link from me to fill out and apply.

CourseBldr will be podcast based. Because podcast are entertaining AND informational. Adam and I will be filmed conversationally talking and showing you how to build your course. 

It will be extremely fun and interactive. There will be easy to follow templates and worksheets. Plug and pay.

And we’re entertaining and will throw in epic and inspiring stories, guest appearances, lifestyle and travel hacks along the way!


Enough for now, but:

If you want to join CourseBldr, create the life you’ve always dreamed of, help people, and work from anywhere in the world, book a call with someone from out team. We’re being super selective because we want to make sure you succeed. Make sure to book a call by clicking here.

The spots will rip like hot cakes. I’m getting tons of DMs trying to get a spot as we speak. Good luck.