CourseBldr Starter Series

Welcome to our starter series, where you’ll be learning straight from our co-founder, Adam Horwitz. He’ll be walking you through all the steps necessary to building a successful online course around your expertise. Take notes and get ready to begin your new course journey!


Online Education Is The Future

In this video we’ll be talking about why online education is the future. I mean, we all knew it was coming but it’s pretty crazy because Covid has really sped up this whole process. People are now more used to learning online than ever. Now it’s time you take advantage of this and jump in while you’re ahead of everyone else!

Jump on in to the video now and start thinking outside the box!

Why Mindset Matters

In this video we will be walking you through setting up the right mindset. The issue with mindset is that most people ignore it. To be completely honest with you, it’s one of the most important aspects of being successful in anything in life. If you don’t have the right mindset when you start something, you won’t hit your goals.

Dive into this video with us to get your mindset ready!

Why Passion Is Everything

In this video we’ll be talking about why passion is everything. This could get a little cheesy sometimes when talking about “doing what you love” but it’s actually very important. The Internet has given everyone the chance to finally do what they love each and every day. You might as well take advantage of this opportunity!

Plus there’s a lot of other very beneficial aspects to doing this other than enjoying it, find out in this video exactly why!

Creating Courses For Other People

Yep, you read that correctly above. In this video we’re going to break down how you can actually start a “course agency” and help other experts build courses instead of you. Now, this is more of just a brainstorming idea that we wanted to throw your way but definitely something interesting. You’ll have the knowledge, might as well help others!

Also while earning a percentage of each of their courses too, not too shabby!

Different Course Types

Trying to figure out what type of course you should build could get a little difficult. That’s why in this video I’m going to break down the different types of courses I recommend you build. From ebooks to consulting, I’ll cover them all.

Certain courses are better for the type of teaching style you want to do, let’s break it down!

Why Create An Ebook

In this video we walk you through the understanding of what an Ebook is and why this is a great route to go for building your online course. If you’re good at writing, need to show examples through images, or just need an entry point for your course, this is a solid solution!

Start learning what the first steps are to building a successful ebook in this video.

Why Create A Video Course

In this video we will be walking you through the benefits of having an online video course. Video courses are amazing for anyone who is comfortable in front of the camera and who can easily demonstrate what they are teaching via videos. In my opinion, the best type of course structure that currently exists.

Also, if you feel like you may not be the best fit in front of the camera, no worries. You can always team up with someone else to do the videos!

Why Membership Courses

Learn why membership courses are a great way to take your online course direction! In this video we talk about what exactly membership courses are and why they people love them. If you’re doing a course that needs ongoing support and direction, this is a great route to go. Also, if it’s a membership, that mean recurring membership payments which is always a plus!

Have 1000 people paying $50 per month? That’s already $50,000 per month in recurring revenue! 

Why Consulting Courses

Do you feel like it’s going to be hard to teach your topic to people through ebooks or videos? Worry no more, we have a solution for you. Some people prefer to have more of a hand holding approach when it comes to teaching. The solution for that is 1-on-1 consulting. This also gives you the ability to charge a lot more for the education you’re going to be sharing!

Normally with 1-on-1 type consulting courses, people start the price around $2,500 per student!

Competition Research

Now that you know which direction you want to take your course, let’s start looking at the competition that’s out there. This will be you thinking about what’s the best route to take your course and even give you ideas on how to make your course better.

Remember, competition isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing… I’ll explain why in the video!

Researching Course Ideas

In this video we are going to be talking about how to research different course ideas for you to start by simply using the Internet. I know it might sound very basic but sometimes people don’t realize the ideas are right in front of them. We will be walking you through some simple tactics to get your brain flowing with ideas and also see what your potential competition is doing!

You never know, one simple thing can trigger an idea for a course that you’ve never even thought about before!

Creating Your Course Content

In this section we will be going over different routes you can take for creating the course content behind your course. There’s a few different ways to go about doing this, from shooting it yourself, to outsourcing it all. Let’s jump into what’s the best solution for you!

Your Course Structure

Structuring your course is extremely important. It also could get very overwhelming if you have a ton of different things you want to teach. In this video we will be walking through a few different strategies to make your life a lot easier. You’re welcome! 

In Vs Outsourcing Content

Want to shoot your content yourself? Or maybe you’re not comfortable in front of the camera but still want a video course… Don’t worry, there’s different routes you can take to still be able to build a video course. The only difference is maybe you’re not in the videos! Let’s jump inside and see how this is possible…

Naming Your Course

It’s extremely important to have a good name when it comes to building your course. Why? Well, branding is everything. Think about brands like Nike or Starbucks. When you hear the name you immediately know what it is. That’s because they’ve branding it well. Now, let’s brand your course!

Picking The Perfect Name

Let’s jump into picking your perfect name. There’s a few exercises you can do here to make your life a lot easier when picking the name. I know, it can get a little overwhelming. I mean, this is the name of your course! But don’t worry, let’s break it down for you here…

Domain Name & Social Handles

Okay, now that you got the name picked out, we need to lock them in. There’s a few places that it’s extremely important for you to get your names registered. That’s the domain and all social handles. In this video we will show you all those spots! 

Using GoDaddy

In this video we will be walking you through the exact steps you need to know for buying your new domain and making sure you pick all the right things during the process. It’s a simple process but there’s a few things we want to make sure you know about…

How To Brand Your Course

Okay, back to branding again. This is such an important aspect I decided to make more videos about just this. The reason is because your brand is everything when it comes to an online presence. It’s all someone sees when they come to your website. It’s worth spending the time on it!

Branding Examples

Let’s jump into some ideas for your branding. If you don’t consider yourself much of an artist, this area might be a little difficult for you. But don’t worry, there are many workarounds to make this happen. Let’s cover all of them inside the video…

Design & Branding Inspiration

It’s always great to look at stuff that’s already out there. This video should get your juices flowing with different ideas you can go from a design standpoint. The whole point of this is to show you how many different paths there are when it comes to design. Which path will you take?

Getting Your Logo Designed

Alright, you picked the branding style you like hopefully… Now, let’s get your logo designed. You have your name, you have the style, let’s put the pieces together and get it all created. There’s a few ways to do this but our favorite is like this…

Logo Animations & More

Let’s make you look super professional. As you see with every video inside of the Starter Series here, we have a CourseBldr logo intro. From the outside looking in, this looks like a million bucks! But, in complete honesty, it was $100. Now you can have one too for your course, here’s how…

Spice Up Your Course With Photos

Maybe you’re not a photographer. Most people aren’t, don’t worry. But it is important to incorporate photos throughout your website, course, and other spots. It doesn’t only make you look way more professional but also helps demonstrate what you’re teaching easier. Here’s out little secret for making this happen…

Spice Up Your Course With Videos

Just like photos, it’s nice to spice your course up with some professional videos. That’s why we use this super cool platform to get any video footage we need to help make our courses even better. This way we don’t have to shoot it ourselves or pay a ton to hire a videographer. Now you can start doing the same as us…

A Robot Copywriter?

Yes, you read this title correct. This is a super cool service that will help you with the copywriting for your course. It’s literally a platform that allows you to add some simple text about what you need created and all of a sudden it’s written with a copywriting angle for higher conversions. This is a super cool tool for you to use…

Building Your Sales Funnel

Welcome to one of the most important parts of the Starter Series. In the next few videos, we will showing you how to put together a successful sales funnel to make sure you can convert your viewers to course customers. Get ready to deep dive into this…

What Is A Sales Funnel?

First off, let’s get to the basics. What even is a sales funnel? Well, it’s the most important aspect of how you’re going to get people to buy your course. It’s the flow you will put potential customers through until they reach the buy point. So, let’s jump into it…

What Are Squeeze Pages?

Have you heard of a squeeze page before? If not, don’t worry. In this video we will be showing you exactly what they are and why they are so important for you to implement to your sales funnel. You probably interact with squeeze pages daily online and never even knew it. It’s a huge marketing tactic you must start to implement as well…

What Is A Sales Page?

In this video let’s talk about sales pages and why they are a necessity for your sales funnel. This will be the page that you convince people your course is actually worth buying. See why it’s important? Let’s figure out what’s the best type of sales page for you…

What Is An Upsell?

Have you ever heard someone say, “Would you like fries with that?”. Well, that’s technically an upsell. They are adding something to the order that will make your meal even better. That’s exactly what we do here with courses as well. We add something else to increase our revenue and make the customer experience even better. Now, let’s figure out what kind of upsell you could have…

What Is A Webinar?

Do you like live events? Maybe you’ve joined some Zoom calls in the past? Well, a webinar is essentially that. It’s just a way you can broadcast all at once live to a group of people. It’s a great way for communicating to existing students or even selling your course. Let’s see how we can integrate a webinar into your sales funnel…

How To Increase Conversions

Now that you know what a sales funnel is and all the different elements there are to it, let’s discuss how to increase conversions even more. There’s always things you can do for increase the chances someone buys your course. Here’s a bunch of ideas for you to think about…

Welcome To Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of those things you just need to start incorporating into your course funnel. Why? Well, it’s one of the best ways to stay in touch with future customers and actual customers. If done right, you could earn $1 per email per month that you have. And for customers, $15 per email per month. Let that sink in for a minute…

Why You Need Email Marketing

Email marketing is going to generate you so much more through your course, you’re going to be absolutely blown away by it. The biggest mistake you could do is not incorporate it from the get-go. That’s why in this video we will show you why you really need to include it…

What Is A Broadcast Email

There’s a few key things you need to know about email marketing to be successful. In this video we will be covering the first aspect of that which is called an email broadcast. This is essentially when you send the email blast to your list but with some other important aspects…

What Is List Segmentation

This might sound a little complicated but don’t worry it’s not. The whole point of this video is to show you there’s a ton of automation you can do when it comes to email marketing. For example, let’s say you only want to send the email to your customers. How do you do that? Well, in this video we will walk you through just that…

What Is A Follow Up Series

Have you ever signed up to a newsletter before online and received an email immediately after? Well, that was a follow up email. Essentially it’s a series of automated email that go out in any order you want. This will make your life a lot easier, so let’s deep dive into it!

Why Mailchimp?

In this video we will introduce you to a platform that we love and use for a ton of our email marketing. The name of it is Mail Chimp. If you’re unsure which platform to go with for your emailing, we highly recommend this! Click Here to check it out…

What Are Freelancers?

In this video we’ll be showing you a tool that we use daily that’s an absolute game changer. It’s freelancing. Why is it such a game changer? Well, it allows you to essentially duplicate yourself to get stuff done for extremely cheap. It’s going to blow your mind how cheap too…

Why You Have To Use Freelancers

Using a freelancer to help you with things when building your course will save you so much time and energy. Without freelancers, I wouldn’t honestly be where I am today. With that said, let’s talk about the different types of freelancers there are…

When To Use Upwork

Let us introduce you to a platform called Upwork. It’s a complete game changer for finding talented freelancers around the world. From designers to support helpers, they have it all. Let’s just say, you’ll never have a hard time finding freelancers again…

Customer Relationships

It’s extremely important to keep the relationship going with your customer after they buy your course. In this section we will be talking about different strategies you can do to make this happen. Let’s jump into it all…

Let's Talk Customer Service

Okay, now, let’s jump into what things you can do for customer service. There’s a variety of different approaches you can do here but there’s a few that are a must. Which ones will you want to incorporate?

Post Customer Engagement

Let’s talk about what to do after a customer has purchased your course. You can keep in touch with them via email, webinars, text messages, etc. These are all different way to take care of post customer engagement. It’s a lot more important than you probably think so let’s figure out your approach…

Community Building

Staying in touch with your community can be difficult at times. I mean, there’s email marketing but that shouldn’t be the only way you’re staying in touch. Also, what if the community of people you are building want to communicate together? Well, there’s a few platforms to make this happen so let’s figure out which one is best for you…

Great Customer Service Platform

If you want a place to keep in touch with all of your customers through a customer service platform, we recommend using Zendesk. It’s a great platform for simplifying your life when it comes to handling any customer service requests. Check out Zendesk here…

Marketing Strategies

Let’s talk marketing strategies… I mean, this is probably one of the most important aspects to making sure you course is successful. Why? Well, think of it like this. You can have the best idea in the world but if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter. With that said, let’s make sure people know about yours…

Social Media Marketing

Why social media marketing is one of the best ways to get your course out there. It’s an absolutely no brainer you need to incorporate social media marketing into your advertising tactics. Social media is responsible for 85% of my course success. Now, let’s get you to start implementing it as well…

Building Your Social Presence

Before you start doing your social media marketing, it’s important to make sure your social presence is built up and ready to go. This way when people come to your socials and your course, they want to follow it immediately. Let’s deep dive into how to make this happen for you…

Let's Get Legal

This is a very boring topic to talk about but it’s important to cover the basics here. You are building a business and want to make sure you’re covered just incase something happens. So, let’s deep dive into what legal things you should be thinking about before going live with your course….

Legal Overview

In this video we will go over a few of the necessities when it comes to making sure your basics are covered for your new business you’re launching. Again, this is for you to decide what you actually want to have but these are the things we recommend. Also, this is not legal advice, always review with an attorney to make sure…

Why Use Legal Zoom

Don’t want to deal with paying an attorney a ton of money to get your business up and running? Well, there’s a few different routes you can go to streamline this process and do it for much cheaper. For example, we love using Legal Zoom since it’s so easy…

Why We Love Termly

So there’s basic things you need to make sure you have before you launch your course. Such things as terms of service, privacy policy, etc. These things can cost a lot of money if you go straight to an attorney. But lucky for you, we have a cheap solution. Meet Termly…

Setting Goals For Success

Welcome to the last part of the Starter Series, congrats for making it all the way here. Now that you know everything you need to know to have a successful online course, let’s set some goals in place to make sure it actually happens. This is very important, so think deeply when setting these goals…


You have successfully finished the Starter Series of CourseBldr. I know, there was a lot of videos you just went through… You literally have everything you need now to make sure you build out an amazing course. The question is, will you? It all lays in your hands now. See you on the live calls when CourseBldr begins!