We help people build awesome Courses 🚀

You've obviously heard about online courses before, probably even taken a few yourself, but have you ever thought about building your own?

Thousands of people like you have built amazing online courses with us around their passions and skillsets. Now you can too, take our free Starter Series to learn how...

It's completely free, you have nothing to lose! 😉

We help people build awesome Courses 🚀

We've helped people like you generate over $75,000,000 in course sales & counting

How we work

Meet CourseBldr

Passion, expertise, or skillset

Work with us to strategize the best route for taking a topic and incorporating it into an online course.

Build out your online course

It's time to start building your course. From design to backend, we're here to help you.

Create a marketing strategy & start selling

Best idea in the world but without people knowing about it, it means nothing. We'll create the perfect marketing plan for you.

What makes us different

We don't work with everyone. If we think you're a good fit, we'll work together. Simple.

Focus on what you're good at.

We believe no one should be a jack of all trades. That's why we want you to stick to your expertise, skillset, or passion. That should be your only job.

Let us do everything else for you.

We've been building online courses for the past 15 years. We know everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to it. That's what we are good at.

The timeline

Our goal is to have you up and running with your course within 8 weeks or less, making sales.

1-3 weeks

Strategy & Implementation

We work closely with you during the first 3 weeks understanding the direction you want to take your course. Then our strategy team will work with you to finalize a concept and create an implementation plan.

3-6 weeks

Course creation & Development

This is the core of the course building process. While you work on the course content, which we will handhold you through the whole time. We are simultaneously helping you build out and develop your course frontend and backend.

6-8 weeks

Marketing Plan & Selling

By this point your course has been created and it's time to create a marketing plan. We will work with you on discovering different strategies we feel are best for you to start making sales quickly.

Yoga Course

"I'm so happy I found CourseBldr. I've been teaching yoga classes in person for years. Have always had the dream to take it online but never had the expertise to do so. This was the perfect match."

Parenting Course

"It's already hard enough trying to map out everything when it comes to shooting my course content. Thinking about having to do everything else as well is a nightmare. CourseBldr you saved me!"

Cooking Course

"I was a full-time chef at a restaurant working 50 hours per week. Even though I loved it, I knew there was a better way to use my time. Building a cooking course has changed my life forever. Thank you!"

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